Interlocking intramedullary nailing for pubic rami fractures

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Up to now our flagship and the most beneficial project is NsN™️. This is a new surgical technique for pubic rami fracture fixation, which involves the use of a unique intramedullary interlocking fixator that ensures high stability of repositioned bone fragments, and we suggested a minimally invasive and safe technique for fixator placement.
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    The arcuate shape of the nail and its elasticity allow fixator installation bypassing the acetabulum regardless of pubic bone bending (minimally invasive osteosynthesis with cannulated screws lacks this important advantage).
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    The stiffness of osteosynthesis is ensured by the three-point fixation of the implant: the first fixation point is at the site of insertion; the second, at the site of fracture or the isthmus; and the third, where the proximal part of the nail is wedged into the dense bone mass of the supraacetabular area or rests against its wall.
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    Rotational and axial stability
    Nail interlocking by two screws provides additional rotational and axial stability of the implant inside the bone.
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    Minimally invasive and quick installation
    The technique allows closed reduction of bone fragments, and the advantages of minimum blood loss and quick installation of the fixator without subsequent removal distinguish the new technique from the existing ones.
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    Without the risk of inflammatory complications
    The technique allows stabilization of the anterior pelvic ring in patients with stomas after colon surgery, in those who had suprapubic cystostomy, and in those with surgical drains in the anterior abdominal wall without the risk of inflammatory complications.
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    Fastest patient activation
    With the reliable immobilization and correct position of the bone fragments, the technique provides almost immediate relief of pain in the pubic rami fracture area and ensures the fastest patient activation.
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