Injuries of the knee and shoulder joints.

Vladimir Slastinin

Injuries of the knee and shoulder joints and their consequences.

Menisci and the anterior cruciate ligament are the leading structures in the frequency of damage in the knee joint. Inadequate diagnosis and as a consequence incorrect treatment can lead to a significant decrease in the quality of life and to the rapid progression of the knee joint arthrosis.

Improving the diagnosis of injuries and a global understanding of the biomechanics of the shoulder joint have led to an avalanche-like increase in interest in this pathology in recent years. The leading pathologies of the shoulder joint in young patients in this segment are shoulder instability and rupture of the rotator cuff tendons.

Arthroscopic technologies allow us to significantly improve the results of treatment of shoulder and knee joints pathology. The main advantage of this technique is not small operation incisions, although most patients appreciate the cosmetic part of these operations, but the very high accuracy of intra-articular manipulations, together with the ability to visualize structures that are not accessible for viewing during open surgery.

About Specialist Surgeon
Slastinin Vladimir Viktorovich, born in 1984 in Kaluga, Yaroslavl State Medical Academy graduate in 2007.

Resident in orthopedic department in Sklifovsky Clinical and Research institute for Emergency Care in 2007-2008.

From 2010 to 2017 he worked as a scientist and orthopedic surgeon in Sklifovsky Clinical and Research institute for Emergency Care. Since 2017 he has been working in Evdokimov MGSMU Clinical Center.

Participant of conferences and seminars about modern approaches in major joints pathology treatment.

The area of scientific and practical interests is mainly in arthroscopy and various methods of minimally invasive treatment for injuries and diseases of major joints.

In today's fast-paced world it is not easy to maintain a high professional level, to be at the forefront of science and at the same time to critically perceive the new proposed treatment methods. The main credo of professional activity is to believe only trusted scientific sources of information but not bright advertising booklets aimed at gullible patients and doctors.

The author and co-author of more than 35 scientific publications, including 4 patents.

training "Modern methods of diagnostic, treatment and monitoring of osteoporosis" (Moscow)

training "Arthroscopy of major joints" (Moscow)

orthopedics and arthroscopy fellowship in Wiener Privatclinic (Vienna, Austria)

training "Functional immobilization and early sportsmen rehabilitation" (Moscow)

  • training "AO Trauma Course – Basic Principles of Fracture Management"
  • training "Diagnostic and Therapeutic Arthroscopy of Major Joints" (RNIITO n.b. R.R. Vreden, St.Petersburg)

  • cadaver workshop "Arthroscopic surgery: innovation technologies in shoulder joint treatment" (Education Center of High Medical Technologies, Kazan)
  • cadaver workshop "Surgical treatment of knee joint instability" (Education Center of High Medical Technologies, Kazan)
  • cadaver workshop "Arthroscopy of shoulder and knee joints" (Arthrolab, Munich, Germany)
  • cadaver workshop in knee and shoulder joints arthroscopy (Smith & Nephew Surgical Skill Center, York, Great Britain)
  • cadaver course "Modern surgery of Foot and Ankle" (Education Center of High Medical Technologies, Kazan)

  • training "AO Trauma Advanced Course" training "AO Trauma masters course – Upper Extremity approaches"
  • arthroscopy fellowship with Dr. M. Strobel (Straubing, Germany) and Dr. T.Cantop (Plattling, Germany

  • knee arthroscopy fellowship for Ligamys system ("MATHYS") (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • cadaver course "Arthroscopy of the wrist joint" (Arthrolab, Munich, Germany)
  • miniinvasive surgery and arthroscopy training in Reha Clinic (Poznan, Poland)
  • orthopedic fellowship in AUVA-Unfallkrankenhaus Graz (Graz, Austria)

  • training "Knee Arthroplasty" (RNIITO n.b. R.R. Vreden, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • unicompartmental knee arthroplasty course (Zimmer-Biomet, Moscow)

  • cadaver workshop and training "Shoulder and Knee Joints Arthroscopy" (Arthrolab, Napples, USA)
  • shoulder surgery course "Annecy Live Surgery" (Annecy, France)
  • complex primary and revisional knee arthroplasty (Zimmer-Biomet, Moscow)
  • fellowship in OrthoNow Injury Clinic (The San Antonio orthopedic group) for shoulder joint arthroscopy with Dr. Stephen S. Burkhart (San-Antonio, Texas, USA)
Related Patents:
1. Method for Preparation and Placement of Quadrupled Semitendinosus Autograft for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Patent for invention No. 2647613, priority of invention April 25, 2017

2. Cortical anchor for flexible graft attachment in a bone tunnel. Utility Model Patent No. 195075, Utility Model Priority November 08, 2019
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