Foot and ankle injuries and their consequences.

Vsevolod Kalenskiy


Calcaneal fractures are the most common fractures of the foot bones (about 60% of all foot fractures) which often require surgical intervention.

Fractures of the talus are one of the rarest injuries. Many orthopedic surgeons do not have enough experience in dealing with them.

Lisfranc joint injury is the most often missed injury (up to 30%). Incorrect treatment tactics can lead to chronic pain and repeated surgery.

Moscow I. M. Sechenov Academy, Moscow, Russia (nowadays – I. M. Sechenov First State Medical University) graduate – 2009

Residency and consequent career:

N. V. Sklifosovsky Clinical and Research Institute for Emergency Care, Moscow, Russia (2009 - 2019)

MD (Thesis: «Nailing of the calcaneus in calcaneal fractures treatment»)
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and many others .
- Rational approach: use surgery only in cases where it is beneficial. Some categories of Intraarticular displaced calcaneal fractures can be treated without surgery with the same or even better result.

- Minimally invasive surgery for calcaneus fractures. For most fractures, a 3-4 cm incision is used instead of the traditional L-shaped incision of 15-20 cm. In some cases, several 0.5 cm skin punctures can be enough to manage the fracture.

- Accurate reduction in case of fractures of the talus, which is 60% covered with cartilage and forms these three major joints of the foot with these surfaces.

- Accurate reduction and strong fixation in cases of Lisfranc joint injuries (this joint is between cuneiform bones and metatarsal bones of the foot). Such tactics allows to avoid repeated surgery and ensures a good quality of life after the first (and, as a rule, the only) operation.

- Treatment of the sequelae of various injuries of the foot using modern methods.


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