The patient has a long history of traumatic and orthopedic pathology starting from a car accident. 1 month later THA of the hip was performed. 4 month later injury from a fall, periprosthetic fracture of the left femur, open reduction, osteosynthesis complicated with periprosthetic infection. A series of reoperations took place resulted in pelvis discontinuity. Removal of fixing screws from pelvic bones was carried out. Revision arthroplasty of the left hip joint with installation of strengthening pelvic structures, bone autoplasty, installation of an augment on the posterior column of the acetabulum and cement fixation. It has been 9 months since the last surgery. Communication with the patient is maintained. There are no signs of inflammation. There are no signs of instability on recent radiographs.
Acetabular injuries and revision arthroplasty