Old pelvic trauma

The patient was hit by a train. She admitted to closest hospital, where fractures of the pelvis was diagnosed and shock 2 was observed. Surgical debridement of the wounds was carried out and skeletal traction was applied. Due to the identified COVID-19 covid infection, she was transferred to the infectious diseases department. CT showed comminuted two-column fracture of the left acetabulum with displacement of fragments and central hip dislocation; dislocation of the left innominate bone anteriorly, vertical and horizontal instability of the pelvic ring. The open inflamed wounds and viral pneumonia were the arguments to delay surgical treatment.
Surgery was carried out 7 weeks after injury: open reduction and relocation of the left iliac bone, fusion of the left sacroiliac joint, open reduction of the acetabulum, fixation with OMEGA plate.
Acetabular injuries and revision arthroplasty