A 25 y.o. male patient got in a car accident.

 In addition, extraperitoneal bladder rupture and minimal hemoperitoneum were diagnosed.

After admission to the local hospital external fixation of the pelvic ring, laparotomy with bladder suturing, cystostomy and peritoneal draining was performed. After a week he was transferred to the City Clinical Hospital n.b. S.S. Yudin.

At that period the patient complained of pain in both sides of the pelvis, inability to turn on the side and sit down in bed.

On the 10th day after the injury doctors performed osteosynthesis of both pubic bones by NsN nails and SIJ and sacrum fixation with a long cannulated screw 6,5 x 170 mm. Yes, they will soon become available in our country! At 2-3 day after surgery the patient could easily turn on both sides without significant pain, sit in bed. After a week he started to stand with walker.
Pelvic fractures