Congratulations to colleagues on successful familiarization with the method

This post is primarily about friendship, kindness and mutual assistance.

We have already written that we did not expect such a scale and international resonance that our development caused at all . Due to the strict regulation of the healthcare industry, we are now very limited in our actions. There are enough difficulties in the development of the project. But the feedback that you give us and the support of colleagues Force us to move on! 

Today I would like to thank Sergei Viktorovich Donchenko personally . Not so long ago, colleagues from 4 cities of Russia - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Nakhodka, Ufa and Penza - came to our Sklifosovsky Research Institute to study the technique of intraosseous osteosynthesis of pubic bones with a NsN nail. They got the theoretical part from us, but at that time there were no patients with pelvic bones fractures in the department. In general, Sergei Viktorovich solved the problem and demonstrated practice of using NsN nails in the Botkin Hospital.

And of course, we congratulate our colleagues on the successful familiarizing with the technique!